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My name is Rajiv Chopra, and I am based in Gurgaon, India. I love black & white photography, which is why this site is dedicated to black & white work. I focus on street, people, travel, nature and landscape photography. Apart from this, I write–mostly work related to my travels.

A photograph should tell a story and should have some emotion. There are many images out there that seem perfect, almost sterile. While they are visually appealing, many of them look the same. It’s almost impossible to distinguish between one person’s work and the next.

My work is dark, and I follow a rather simple style of editing. I don’t like too many flourishes, unless I am in a crazy mood. This is my approach today, and it may change tomorrow.

In recent times, I have focused on photography in North India. I love mountains and rivers, and we have enough and more of these in North India. Soon, I will extend my work to East and North East India.

While I focus on street, travel and landscape/nature, I also shoot portraits. You can find this work at

In recent times, I have gone back to experimenting with film. I own two vintage cameras, two pinhole cameras and a Lomography camera. Additionally, I still possess the first camera I bought, the Olympus Om-2n, and my Nikon F-75.



I shoot mainly with my Nikon D810, and I own several lenses. In time, I will buy a Fuji camera. But, to go back in time, I started my life doing street photography in Bombay. Nowadays, people call the city Mumbai. In those days, I focused mainly on street and travel work. Over time, I added nature and landscape work to my portfolio. I have also added in a spot of writing, and I enjoy this.

I do some consulting work on the side, and you will find me at

If you do want to contact me for any assignments, email me at [email protected] or at [email protected]


Monochrome Photography is beautiful. 


That is why I have dedicated this site to the joy of black & white photography. I hope you like the images that I create.

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