For the love of black & white

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I started this site in order to showcase my black & white photography. For future reference, whenever I mention ‘black & white photography’, it should read as monochrome photography.


When I started my journey in photography, it was in black and white photography. My camera in those days was an Olympus OM-2n. It is a superb camera, and I still have it. I could not afford colour film, so shot in black & white. Apart from the fact that colour film was very expensive, buying all those warming and cooling filters would have driven me to a pauper’s grave.


Black & white, it was, and it so happened that I did indeed fall in love with black & white photography. I became a little snobbish about this as my photography became better, and then one day I quit. I did not pick up a camera again for almost 15 years. This happened when I moved to China.


I bought a Nikon F 75 and borrowed a digital camera to experiment with digital photography. The world had gone digital, I was told, and the days of shooting with films were dead.


I resumed photography, albeit somewhat sporadically, and my move to digital and colour was underway.


Colour never came that easily to me, and while I think that I have become quite good at matching colours, and creating somewhat good colour palettes, I am far more comfortable with the tones and shades in black & white photography.


It’s been a funny journey, and my return to the heartland of black & white photography has been encouraged (sometimes actively, sometimes passively) by the superb work that I have seen some international photographers create.


I still shoot in colour. Yet, my first love remains black & white.


Some people say that your first true love is the one that stays with you forever. I agree!




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