Zen Camera 1

March 25, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I have just started reading a book called "Zen Camera" by David Ulrich. It seems to be an interesting book indeed. I have just got through the introduction, and will start on the first chapter, which he has titled "Observation"

Over the next one or two weeks, I will write a bit about this book, and some of the lessons that I am deriving. Or, learning.

I do have the time. We have a 21 day lock down in the country, and it is unlikely that I will be able to go out to do anything but buying the bare necessities of life.

In the meanwhile, I will try and observe a lot more about what we have in the house, how it looks, how the light falls on a particular object and simple exercises that will help me improve my observation.

Most of the time, we wait to go out to the great outdoors, to start observing. However, observation is a daily habit that we need to inculcate. It cannot be switched on and off whenever you want.

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