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My journey in photography has taken me down various paths, and I have explored many genres.


I have not photographed all the genres I explored over the years.

I did study some tutorials on beauty and nude photography. Then, I decided that these are not for me.


I have a lot of respect for photographers who specialize in these genres of photography. Spending hours retouching a model’s face is not for me. Similarly, I explored product photography, composting and other areas of ‘commercial photography’.


My motivation was to expand into an area of photography where I could make lots of money. Lots of money.


My realization? I am just not motivated to excel in these fields. There is no point in trying to enter an area where you are not motivated. Money is a terrible reason to enter a field. Money will be the outcome of deeds accomplished with passion — provided you possess some basic talent and intelligence.


“People who cannot motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.” Andre Carnegie.


So, I ask myself repeatedly: what drives me?


Repeatedly, I come to the same answers — people, culture, and the beautiful world in which we live.


My style has been journalistic. However, of late, I’ve been pushing my own artistic boundaries.

“Don’t settle for mediocrity. Take a chance. Take a risk. Find that passion. Rekindle it. Fall in love all over again. It’s really worth it.” Brian Cranston.


I also realize that I cannot, and will not, take Photoshop to the limit to create images that look absolutely unreal. For those who like this approach, I say — “Go for it!”


I don’t follow a rigid style or formula. However, I will come back to this topic another day.


These days, climate change fills me with dread. I live in Delhi, or the National Capital Region of Delhi.

Bhimtal. The Kalsa RiverBhimtal. The Kalsa RiverThis is an image of the Kalsa River in Bhimtal India.
Bhimtal is in the hill state of Uttaranchal, India

I used a 10 stop Haida filter for this image

The first settlers who came to Delhi about 5,000 or 7,000 years ago, were attracted by the forest, the river and the Ridge.


The original inhabitants of Delhi will not recognize the city today. We have buggered it beyond recognition.


The Aravalli Forest has almost disappeared, and The Yamuna River is almost dead.


The Aravalli Forest and The Yamuna River are two of my Passion Projects. There are restrictions on travelling because of the virus. So, I will start with The Aravalli Forest.

The Yamuna River Project will follow.


I am now about to write my little book, “The Covidian Skies”. More on that later.


Finally, I love analog photography. My third passion project will be to photograph Delhi with my Olympus OM-2n, my Nikon F75, some old, old analog cameras and some pinhole cameras. More on this the next time.


“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way.” Anonymous.



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