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Prison Door. Chunar FortPrison Door. Chunar FortEntrance to a prison at Chunar Fort

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The Zine

I’d like to talk about a Zine that I am working on. It’s a Zine, or book, on doors. Over the course of my travels, I have seen many doors. I am referring to doors across the world. It was only when I left my corporate career, and started to focus more on photography that I started looking at doors more carefully.


Most of my travels over the last years have been restricted to North India. Old doors have character. Their designs vary, depending on the city.


When I started to put these images together, I did some research on the symbolism of doors. One site I visited was


There is a lot of symbolism in doors, and I invite you to read the article. I did consult several articles, but I have listed just the one here.


Anyway, I started to notice the doors. The British era doors in Delhi. The British imposed their culture and sense of aesthetic on a Mughal Delhi. Yet, they did it in a manner that seemed to harmonize with the rest of the construction. It’s only in architecture where the Brits did not do something that was out of harmony!


The doors in Benares are different from those in other parts of the country.


As I walked around, I started to ask myself if the doors were all old, or if they looked old. Most of them are quite worn out.


I also asked myself if the doors held memories of the people who had lived inside. Did the doors remember some of the old stories? Did they hold memories of tears, laughter, anger?


Have you read the books by Carlos Castaneda? You will find paragraphs in which Don Juan talks of stones holding memories of emotions. When people hurl a stone in anger, some of that anger is transferred to the stone.


We’ve lost that mystical connection to life.


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